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As a homeowner or property manager, it’s easy to take the exterior siding of your property for granted. When it’s in good condition and doing its job, there’s not typically much reason to think or worry about your siding.

However, your exterior siding has several important functions; it has a major impact on your house’s aesthetics, energy efficiency, and structural integrity. Typically, exterior wood siding can last 15 to 40 years before it starts to deteriorate and must be replaced. But when the time comes, you want the best siding company to take on the job.

Here, we’ll look at some telltale signs that your exterior siding needs to be replaced by siding service professionals.


1) Rotting

Your exterior siding must be sufficiently intact to protect your house from the elements. So, when the wood of the siding has started to develop a significant amount of rot, that almost definitely means that it can no longer do its job properly.

Once you notice that your exterior siding is rotting, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact siding installation professionals so that they can inspect your home and estimate the job.


2) Cracks and Gaps

Another telltale sign that your exterior siding is starting to deteriorate is the appearance of cracks and gaps. In addition to worsening the aesthetic appeal of your property, cracks and gaps in the siding can also impact the home’s structural integrity. These openings can also allow a significant amount of moisture to penetrate the house, leading to water damage, mold growth, and other issues.

Plus, depending on the size of these cracks and gaps, it’s possible that insects and other pests could make their way into the house. In some cases, you’ll be able to deal with cracked siding by having it professionally repaired. However, if it’s a widespread problem, having all the siding replaced by professional siding service contractors is probably your most prudent option.


3) Blisters and Bubbles

Although many homeowners and property managers don’t realize it, seeing blisters and bubbles beneath your exterior siding is a warning sign you shouldn’t ignore. When this happens, it usually means that moisture has gotten trapped underneath the siding, which tells you that your siding is no longer doing an effective job of keeping water out.

In most cases, once your siding starts to have issues with moisture, it’s only a matter of time before more serious problems arise. When you notice blisters or bubbles, immediately schedule a professional siding inspection and consider investing in new exterior siding.

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4) Mold or Mildew

When you see mold or mildew growing inside your home, it could mean that your exterior siding is letting in moisture. This is also true when mold or mildew grows outside your siding. These fungi can only grow in environments exposed to moisture. When mold or mildew starts to appear on your siding, it usually means that a significant amount of moisture has accumulated.

Even if you get rid of the mold growth, that won’t solve the problem of the siding letting in moisture. At the very least, you should inspect your exterior siding professionally to determine whether replacement is necessary.


5) Rising Energy Bills

As a homeowner, keeping a close eye on your monthly energy bills is always prudent. That way, if any irregularities show up, you can notice them immediately and determine the cause of the change. If you suddenly notice that your electricity costs have risen unexpectedly, it could mean that your exterior siding is deteriorating and struggling to do its job effectively.

If your siding is no longer doing a good job of insulating your household, that could be forcing your heating and cooling systems to work much harder, using more energy. Several other issues could cause your energy bills to rise, including issues with your roof, attic insulation, or HVAC appliances.


6) You’re Planning to Sell Your Property

It may be worth replacing your exterior siding in certain situations, even when nothing’s technically wrong. For example, if you plan to sell your property soon, you’ll want to do everything you can to raise the property value.

One simple way to achieve this is to replace your aging siding with brand-new, high-quality siding. This will not only raise the value of your home, but it will also be quite attractive to prospective buyers. If you’re attempting to raise your property’s value, ensure that you have the siding replacement project performed by reliable siding professionals.


Key Takeaways

Keeping a close eye on your exterior siding is an important part of being a homeowner or property manager. If you wait too long to pull the trigger on having your siding repaired or replaced, it could significantly impact your home’s comfort, safety, and overall health. Fortunately, there will usually be clear signs you can look for to determine when it’s the right time to invest in new siding.

As long as you’re paying attention and know how to recognize the red flags, you should be able to replace your aging siding before it causes severe problems. When you need residential or commercial siding contractors in Massachusetts, our skilled professionals are always available to help. We approach every job with professionalism, integrity, and dedication. Call us today if you’d like to schedule a consultation with our team.

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