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The beautiful summer weather is right around the corner, so it’s a wonderful time to start planning outdoor projects for your property. If you plan on being outside and enjoying the sunshine frequently this summer, one excellent option is to remodel your deck.

Many homeowners neglect their decks or take them for granted, which leads to lots of wasted potential when it comes to enjoying the summertime and spending quality time with friends and family.

Here, we’ll look at a handful of great ideas to upgrade your home’s deck or patio just in time for the gorgeous summer weather.


Common Signs Your Deck or Patio Needs Repair

One of the most practical situations for remodeling your deck or patio is when repairs are necessary. If a significant amount of work already needs to be done, why not take the opportunity to remodel the deck or patio and upgrade? Typically, there are a few common signs you can look for that will tell you when your deck or patio needs to be repaired:

  • Unstable footing
  • Wobbly or unsteady railings
  • Loose, cracked, or splintered deck boards
  • Rusty or eroded hardware
  • The deck or patio is older than current regulations

If you notice one or more of these signs with your deck or patio, it may be a good idea to contact contractors for remodeling. They will not only be able to make the necessary repairs, but they can also work with you to start an exciting remodeling project.


Top Benefits of a New Deck or Patio

Before you remodel your deck or make significant upgrades, you can expect to enjoy several major benefits:

Extra Entertainment Space

The summer is the perfect time to have barbecues and other get-togethers with friends and family. For these types of gatherings, a large deck provides the perfect place for everyone to hang out, socialize, and enjoy the warm weather.

Increased Home Value

If you have plans to sell your home shortly, building an impressive deck is an effective way to raise the house’s value. You can enjoy your lovely deck or patio in the meantime, and when you’re ready to sell, that outdoor space will be tantalizing for potential buyers.

Spending Time Outdoors

Many of us strive to spend more time outdoors—especially during the summer. However, it’s often easier to stay inside on the couch. However, having a sizable deck increases the number of activities you can enjoy outside without leaving the house. This will make getting your daily dose of vitamin D much easier while taking advantage of the beautiful weather.

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5 Popular Types of Deck Remodeling

If you decide to remodel your deck, you’ll have several options for approaching home remodeling companies. When you call in professional deck building contractors, they should be able to assist you with any of the following deck remodeling options:

1) Deck Extensions

Perhaps the simplest, most straightforward deck remodeling choice is to invest in deck extensions. This project typically involves expanding the overall size of your deck without making too many changes to its style or layout. As a result, you and your family will have significantly more space to enjoy the deck this summer.

2) Deck Railings

Another deck remodeling option is to have brand-new deck railings installed. Whether your deck lacks railings or has old and worn-down railings, investing in new ones is always a solid option. If you and other people regularly spend time on the deck, having sturdy railings is important as a safety feature. They make the deck look better and provide a nice place to set down your food or beverage! Installing quality railings should be a quick and simple job for qualified deck-building contractors.

3) Gazebos, Pergolas, and Retaining Walls

If you want to make major upgrades to your deck, consider building a gazebo, a pergola, or retaining walls. Turning your deck into a gazebo or pergola is a fantastic way to add luxury and elegance to the space while creating a cool, shaded area. On the other hand, retaining walls allow you to elevate your deck in a more natural-looking way that can blend beautifully with your backyard landscaping.

4) Ambient Lighting

Adding ambient lighting to your deck is a great choice if you’d like to improve the area’s atmosphere. With one or more ambient lighting fixtures, your deck can quickly become a lovely place to spend a pleasant summer evening.

5) Screen Porch Enclosures

Some homeowners prefer their deck to feel like an outdoor and indoor space simultaneously. If you’d like this, investing in a screen porch enclosure for your deck could be the way to go. With this type of enclosure, you’ll still enjoy the fresh air, but you’ll also have the privacy and seclusion of an indoor area.


Key Takeaways

Whether your home’s deck or patio needs repairs or not, remodeling your deck or patio in time for summer could be a superb idea.

An upgraded deck can be the perfect place to enjoy the sunshine, spend time with loved ones, eat a peaceful meal, or observe nature. With the help of your local trusted home addition contractors, it should be a smooth, hassle-free experience to improve your deck or patio.

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