Call our general contractor in Maynard, MA to update your house

Owning your own home is exciting, but it also involves a lot of work. If you need work done around the house, C&K Roofing Inc can help. Our general contractor provides repairs, installations and remodeling services in Maynard, MA.

We can work on your...

Deck or patio

From patching up a hole in your drywall to replacing an entire roof, no project is too big or small. Get the help you need from a skilled general contractor in Maynard, MA.

Redesign your house to your specifications

You don't have to settle for a house that feels cramped and uncomfortable. Our contractor can update the layout of your kitchen or bathroom to suit your needs. We'll make your house more accommodating and functional so you can live easier.

Turn your house into your dream home by calling our contractor at 781-518-3456.